Energy Healing with Warren Grossman

  1. First we talk about your wants, feelings and symptoms.
  2. Then, I make a drawing of your energy, and explain how it applies to helping you feel better.
  3. So, I can use my skills to improve the arrangement of your energy.
  4. Improvement will be seen in many areas of your life, not only your symptom.


Many of my clients live far from me, often in other countries. It makes no difference. We can do the same quality of healing – at a distance. Make an appointment by e-mail on this site.

“His extraordinary gift for healing, understanding energy, connection to nature, ability to assist the body to balance, is inspiring.”
Mara Burns, M.A. Sandwich, CT, social service agency administrator
“I could feel the pain leaving my body…amazing since I have not been pain free for many years.”
Kerri Askin, San Diego
“It’s remarkable how much better I feel. My thoughts are calm and grounded.”
Mary Smythe, Cleveland, OH
“I noticed an extreme increase in my energy…feel very joyful…pure happiness.”
Michelle Zychowski, Lakewood, OH


Warren Grossman trains people in a step by step process to access the Earth’s energy and deliberately open their hearts. This brings emotional, physical and spiritual healing to themselves and others. To the right is a documentary by Chris Werronen of Heyoka films of one of Warren’s classes. For information on the Spring/Summer Classes visit here.


Healing transcends physical boundaries. It is done by deliberately paying attention to the heart, and allowing its energy to flow to another person.

The process of becoming a healer is nearly the same as the process of becoming healthy. As you learn and practice the basic skills, you will become healthier, and more calm.

Warren Grossman’s method is learned by an experiential curriculum. Students learn by doing.

The training offers clear benefits for parents, spouses, teachers, managers and artists—and, of course, those already in the healing professions—doctors, nurses, social workers counselors, and more.

Your Group or Your City

Travel can be awkward and expensive. Invite Warren to teach your group in your city.


Arranged with each group. Let’s talk.