“Kindness is the inherent response of a healthy adult to a child in need. It is a reflex. Like all other reflexes, it protects life.

When parents are faced with their children’s needs, whether hunger or pain, they respond spontaneously. If this is not experienced frequently in childhood it will only be reflexive in response to small children. If it is experienced frequently in childhood, the reflex of kindness also operates in response to adults in need.

When a kind person interacts with someone in need, s/he spontaneously orients to that need. Sometimes the kind response is words and sometimes not; sometimes it is a solution to a problem, but more often not. Most kindnesses are small in scale. Ideally this is an exchange of energy from the heart, formed into a kind act- a smile, a touch, or a sympathetic sound.

When kind behavior is done while one’s body flows with ample energy and one’s heart is open, kindness then becomes a healing act. The recipient of such kindness can emerge changed for the better, with improved energy flow and new possibilities. They may not understand what has happened; some may have scarcely paid attention to the event- still, they will have been enhanced.

Acting kindly can improve your community. If your social interactions are kind, many people will respond to this light and loving touch. Acting kindly and doing so with an open heart is one way to be an authentic healer without ever conducting “formal” healings.”


-From To Be Healed by the Earth