“The environment is energy. The air around us, the Earth beneath us and everything contained within them is energy. There is nothing but energy.

We are like fish swimming in a sea of energy. We are each tiny energy configurations adrift in a great big energy configuration, the environment. Life cannot exist without a context; human energy exists within the context of nature’s energy.

Unlike fish, we have the capacity to pay attention. To fully attend to a specific natural energy is the means to healing. Try it; hold some fresh parsley against your heart for one minute while paying attention to the sensation of the parsley resting against your skin; afterwards, see how you feel.

When we pay attention to some component of nature, our own energy resonates with that other energy, yielding beneficial results. If we do not pay attention, being in the presence of that other energy yields only minimal results.

When something is not correct within us, whether it takes the form of thinking, feeling or bodily functioning, we can normalize that symptom by paying attention to the Earth or plants.

In being fully present with that healthier energy, we will be changed by it.” 


-From To Be Healed by the Earth