Warren Grossman School of Healing

BEINGHEALING: A 10 session, spring/summer class series.

Break through our culture’s conditioning to explore deeper levels of inner knowing. This will align your daily actions with clarity of heart. This class series uses the practices of healing to tap into our natural vibrancy to amplify health and well-being.

Using the skills of energy healing in order to:
1. Experience greater openheartedness
2. Attune to the inner guidance of your body
3. Deepen groundedness to meet life’s challenges
4. Refine your attention and awareness
5. Release old pain and tensions
6. Expand your sense of self and your possibilities
7. Be a healing presence

This training is for those who would be healthier, or would be healers, as well as for teachers, counselors, yoga instructors, therapists, medical professionals, executives, etc.

The spring/summer sessions have been postponed. Please contact Warren if you have any questions.


Warren Grossman, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in psychology from Kent State University. He is a healer, author (To Be Heard By The Earth), teacher and the Director of The Warren Grossman School of Healing.

Cindy Carty serves as a catalyst for self-awareness, healing and transformation. A skillful listener, heartbased group facilitator, and forward-thinking leader, Cindy offers unique coaching programs for personal growth and professional advancement. She is President of C.L. Carty Consulting and Creative Services.

Location: 18675 Parkland Dr. #509, Shaker Heights, OH 44122

To reserve your spot, call 216-225-1139 or email Warren.
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*Certification is granted to students who complete the curriculum.

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