Our modern day culture is one thats driven by money, possessions, power and status. For the majority of people, these concerns dominate their lives, and as a result, diminishes their health and well-being.

After thirty-eight years of healing patients and training others to be healers, I have found that almost all of them have developed similar physical and emotional limitations. These limitations are not seen in members of non-western cultures.

I believe that these limitations are the result of our culture’s impact on our bodies:

  • Our feet are atrophied from wearing shoes.
  • Our pelvises are tight and limited in motion from sitting in chairs.
  • Our diaphragms are tight as a result of frequent fear, and not enough physical activity (as well as from weak feet, and limited pelvic movement).
  • Our hearts are constricted by all the previous reasons, and by living in an intellectual and restrained society, that simultaneously longs for and fears love.

This list of physical limitations is, at the same time, a list of emotional and spiritual limitations. Emotions are the motions of the body and spirit. The mystery that is life, flows through the medium of the body.

These limitations impact our whole health. They compromise our birthright which is happiness, well-being and fulfillment.

In our Counter Culture Series, we will explore through videos, exercises and blog posts, ways to undo these patterns of limitation, so you can live in alignment with your most vibrant, joyful and healthy life.

Here’s to your health and happiness,