People are organisms.

Like all organisms, whether plants or animals, we live in the only environment that supports life– nature.

We live in the natural world, even if we are city dwellers. Ironically, some of us think that our home is somewhere other than nature. As participants in a complex, overstimulating society, we have come to believe that cities, industries, words, ideas and products are reality. The people around us who share these same unnatural, yet compelling beliefs, reinforce our misconceptions every day.

We are out of touch with basic reality.

People who live in simple societies, in non-technical cultures, the remnants of which are found scattered about the world, are never out of touch with nature, or with their relationship to the natural environment. They pay attention to the soil, plants, animals and weather. They look for the answers to each day’s needs in these places. They feel the energy of the Earth; they interact with the Earth’s energy. They know the wisdom that is held within it.


If we wish to be healthy, we must spend time in our appropriate environment. We humans are of nature, and we must have frequent, intimate contact with nature, if we wish to be well.

Being well is not merely the absence of disease. Health is also being vigorous, happy and free of unnecessary physical or emotional limitations.

The word “healing” is used in many different ways. Here, healing means becoming more natural by the use of your attention, your love and nature’s energy. Healing is our birthright. If we want nature to heal us, we need to actively and attentively engage with Her.

How might one begin? A simple way is to go outside and stand barefoot on the earth, while paying close attention to the sensations you are feeling in your feet. This is grounding.

Another way is to lean your back against a tree. Pay attention to the place where the bottom of your spine touches the tree. Pay attention to your physical and emotional sensations.

A third way is to lie on your back, on the ground, for ten minutes. Pay attention to your back against the ground. What did you experience?

Try one, two, or all three of these exercises. By simply being in nature, we can begin to cultivate a deeper relationship with our true home, and ourselves.

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To your health & happiness,