“All people long to be more whole, whether physically, psychologically or spiritually. To heal is to become more whole.

At all times in history, people have sought healing. In the present industrial era we have created a technological medicine of surgeries and synthetic drugs. Although helpful for relieving symptoms, these solutions do not heal people, as they do not emerge from treatment more whole than they were previous to the illness.

What does heal? It is the energy of nature that heals. We live in and are part of an environment of natural energy that takes various forms, such as earth, air, water and plants. It is from these that healing can come. The healing energy of nature has been recognized by some people since the beginning of time. It has been overlooked as mundane by others. Now it is often held in contempt. Those who believe that the Earth is inert and lifeless disdain their only possible source of healing.

Nature’s energy can heal us. this may sound strange if we think of trees or water as matter. However, if we think of them as matter comprised of atoms, then atomic theory can help us to understand healing. The atom is the basic structural unit of all matter; each atom is a constantly moving configuration of subatomic particles. This movement is energy. All matter is thus energy.

Nature heals. The Key is attention.

Attention is the connector or interface between the person in need and the energies of nature. Attention operates like the plug on an electrical appliance; it is one’s connection to nature’s energy. Without this connection, nature’s energies have a limited effect.

How does paying attention to a specific element of nature, for example the trunk of a tree, precipitate healing? It induces resonance between the tree and the person. Things or beings resonate sympathetically, they vibrate sympathetically. The person concentrating on the tree begins to unconsciously resonate the tree’s energy, to imitate it. This resonance is the same reason that being with some people makes us feel good and being with others makes us feel bad. To the extent that our energy imitates theirs, our feelings and sensations are like theirs. By choosing the right ingredient of nature and paying attention to it, we will resonate with it. It we do this, our energy changes by imitating healthier energy. It spontaneously mimics the characteristics of the energy of the trees, plants, soil or water. This can result in better health.

Try it now. Go outdoors and lie down on the ground, placing whatever part of your body that hurts or is tight against the ground. Pay attention to the pressure of the body part against the Earth for a few minutes. Then take a stroll and observe the changes.”

-From To Be Healed by the Earth